Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ryan Bingham Releases Fear and Saturday Night

Ryan Bingham's newly released album, Fear and Saturday Night, expresses the constant evolution of life.  Bingham's previous album, Tomorrowland, dealt heavily with the loss of his parents - his mother from alcohol and his father by suicide.

On a much different note. Fear and Saturday Night shares the joys of partnership and the anticipation of becoming a father.  Bingham and his wife, Anna Axster, are expecting their first child and his music reflects this positive event. Fear and Saturday Night was released today and can be purchased on his website.  It's a beautiful collection about moving forward, escaping "Tomorrowland", and the power of love. 

Ryan Bingham is co-headling a show with Lucero at Cat's Cradle on February 18.  The event is $25 and tickets can be purchased from the Cat's Cradle website.  

Check out one of Bingham's classics, "Southside of Heaven" and don't miss out on Fear and Saturday Night. 

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