Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Haw River Ballroom Presents The Lone Bellow

The Haw River Ballroom has quickly become one of North Carolina's premier music venues, located just minutes outside of the Triangle in the town of Saxapahaw.  Maintaining just under 2,000 total residents, this quaint town has music lovers making the short journey into the country to witness performances from some of today's finest acts.  This week promises to provide much of the same as The Haw River Ballroom presents The Lone Bellow on Wednesday, November 5.

The trio of Zach Williams, Brian Elmquist, and Kanene Pipkin got their start in 2010 out of New York and soon after became known as The Lone Bellow.  It wasn't long after that the group decided to start touring and released their self-titled debut album in early 2013.  Since then, The Lone Bellow has continued to build upon their success by bringing their inspiring and soulful message to the stage as they relentlessly tour across the states.

Recently, Kanene Pipkin spoke with The Triangle Beat about The Lone Bellow's upcoming show at The Haw River Ballroom and more:

The Triangle Beat: Is this the bands first time at Haw River Ballroom?  If so, what have you heard about the venue?
Kanene Pipkin: This will be our first time at Haw River Ballroom, and we've heard great things about the venue and the town.  There's always a sense of excitement when you're coming to play a new town for the first time, when you have no idea what's in store for the evening, and the music culture of the room is a mystery to you.

TTB: For those who may be hearing you for the first time at HRB, what can they expect from a Lone Bellow performance?
KP: We have a pretty intense, dynamic show.  Lots of emotions and sweat.  The guys sweat a lot so be prepared if you are the kind of concert goer that likes to stand close to the stage.

TTB: How has the band evolved in what has been a relatively short time since starting in 2010?
KP: We have been touring for about two years straight, so we have played a lot of shows and become a much better band.  We know each other so well, we've been through hell and high water together, and I think it shows in our writing and in our performing.

TTB: As a band or as an individual, what is the most rewarding part of gaining in popularity and getting to perform all over the country as The Lone Bellow?
KP: Touring full time is not easy.  We all leave our homes and families behind, and we constantly revisit our motivations for doing music professionally.  Every time someone comes up to me at a show and tells me that our music helped them through a difficult time, or that they played our song at their wedding, or that they are truly comforted and inspired by what we're doing with our lives, it reminds us why we're out on the road in the first place.

TTB: As musicians, what other artists do you draw upon as inspirations in creating your own sound?
KP: We try to draw from every genre that we personally enjoy, from Kris Kristofferson to Otis Redding to My Morning Jacket to Robyn.

TTB: What was the inspiration for the song, "Then Came the Morning," your newest released single?
KP: The song is about a defiant hope, and the vision was always to channel a lot of Vegas era Elvis and the gospel music we all grew up singing.

TTB: What are your goals as a band in regards to what will come next for The Lone Bellow?
KP: We want to continue doing good work for the right reasons, write great songs, become better musicians, provide for our families, all lifelong goals.  I lived in Beijing, China for a long time and I would personally love to get to take the guys there and play a few shows.

TTB: The last time Lone Bellow performed in the Triangle, you managed to get everyone to slow dance during one of your songs and covered Boyz II Men's, "End of the Road."  Are there any such surprises planned for your show at HRB?
KP: HA! We don't really plan any of that nonsense, but we always try to read the room and tailor each show for that night, for those people.  If the crowd seems like they might enjoy spontaneous 90's R&B covers, we just might oblige.  We're only human.

As a preview of the great things to come on Wednesday, check out the video of The Lone Bellow's most recent release, "Then Came The Morning."  Joining The Lone Bellow will be Foreign Fields and Kristin Diable.  Tickets are still available and more information on The Lone Bellow, Foreign Fields, and Kristin Diable can be found by visiting The Haw River Ballroom website.  Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8.  

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