Sunday, November 22, 2015

Catch Air Traffic Controller at Cat's Cradle Back Room

Boston-based band Air Traffic Controller will take on the Cat's Cradle Back Room stage on Monday, November 23.  This indie rock group gained their name from front man, David Munro, who served as a real-life air traffic controller for the US Navy.  He started developing his music while working this gig and discovered he had gained some faithful music fans upon his return to Boston.  Fast forward to 2009 and the band released their debut album, The One.  This release gained them attention by MTV, being nominated for "Best Break-Out Artist" and winning "Best Indie Rock Act" at the 2010 Boston Music Conference.

In 2011, their sophomore album, Nordo, was released.  Sticking with aircraft terms, Nordo refers to an aircraft that has radio failure while flying.  Analyze that for a minute and it's plain to see that the main focus of the album is relationships and all of the difficulties that accompany them.  Nordo contains all too relatable lyrics wrapped in catchy melodies and intricate harmonies. 

ATC is featured on Funny Or Die and is being played on a regular rotation at MTVU.  Get your week started right with Air Traffic Controller and Jared & The Mill at Cat's Cradle Back Room.  The show starts at 8 and is $17 at the door.  Check out the video for one of ATC's more recent singles, "The House."

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