Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Sell-Out Cat's Cradle

Cat's Cradle was packed with a sold-out show on Tuesday, November 10, to hear the bearded master of soul, Nathaniel Rateliff.  The rootsy crooner, along with his impressive six-piece band, The Night Sweats, lured a broad-spectrum of fans to the venue.  All ages were represented at this show, ranging from middle school to retirement, Nathaniel Rateliff obviously appeals to more than just one crowd.  This explains why his shows are selling out everywhere in a matter of days.

The band takes over the stage, strumming to the beat of "I Need Never Get Old."  Soon after, Rateliff appears donning his signature hat and wearing head-to-toe black, like all bad-ass rockers do.  The foot-stompin' begins like a wave, from the stage through the entire sold-out crowd. 

The band makes their way through other notable songs like, "Look It Here" and "Howling at Nothing" as fans sing along with every note of each bluesy tune.  Spiraling basslines, the hum of the organ, and thumping beats keep the crowd moving with the rhythm.  Listening to Rateliff, it's understandable why his sound is continuously compared to Otis Redding's deep soulful blues.  It's more complex to picture him as an alt-folk soloist as he was for so many years.  This current sound seems to emerge from his inner being with lyrics that express where he's been and where he plans to go. 

The show continues with other favorites from the latest self-titled album, like "Shake" and "Thank
You."  "Trying So Hard Not To Know" leads into Rateliff's smash hit, "S.O.B."  The crowd cheers to hear this familiar tune and everyone collectively yells, "son of a bitch" with enthusiasm and trepidation.  Hand-claps and foot-stomps naturally ensue, followed by the chanting of passionate woah-woah-woahs.  The music dies down and begins to fade before the crowd-favorite is complete.  The band says their goodbyes and coyly escapes backstage, but we all know the party is far from over.

With a few short moments, the seven-piece returns to command the stage fading back into the rhythm of "S.O.B."  Everyone joins together in song once more, creating a scene reminiscent of a Sunday morning church gathering.  "S.O.B" meshes in and out of a cover of The Band's, "The Shape I'm In," giving the show a concluding feeling resulting in audience satisfaction. 

2015 has been an unforgettable year for Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. Between touring with sold-out shows and appearing on The Tonight Show, the band has more than proven their musical talents and audience appeal.  Keep your eye out for more appearances; they've already been added to Firefly Music Festival's lineup and will certainly be a popular addition to other festival's bills. 

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