Friday, April 29, 2016

Sofar Sounds RDU Provides a Unique Experience

Sofar Sounds is an organization that operates around the world gathering music artists and fans by providing intimate shows with local musicians.  This group has recently started offering such shows in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Part of the beauty of the Sofar Sounds RDU experience is that no two shows are the same.  They are presented in secret locations throughout the area ranging from apartments, houses, and local businesses.  Most recently, Sofar Sounds RDU held a showcase at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh's Warehouse District.

With various colorful art selections covering the walls and sculptures hanging from the ceilings, approximately 30 seats were placed before a small stage.  Sofar Sounds RDU organizer, Jason Elliott welcomed the guests who were anticipating the reveal of the secret artists.

Folk singer and song writer Al Riggs was the first to take the stage, who shared new songs such as "Blue Morning" and "Pagoda."  Following his set came City Below, a folk-pop artist that shared tunes from her new EP, The Sleeping Beast.  Rounding out the night, were two Wilmington natives, Justin Lacy and Sarah Royal who together are known as Slow Dance, an acoustic punk band.

There are a number of ways to get involved with Sofar Sounds RDU and we've got you covered on the many ways to do so.  First of all, you should head over to their website at in order to sign up for May's performance, which is scheduled for May 27.  You'll want to do this quickly as Sofar Sounds operates in spaces with limited capacity to ensure an intimate setting.   If you are chosen to attend, you'll receive an email stating the location and specific instructions.

Everyone that is chosen to attend an event is provided a +1 and the cost of admission is pay as you choose.  In addition to attending shows, Sofar Sounds is made possible through the help and support of the community.  This requires venue spaces, performing artists, hosts for each performance, and even photography for all Sofar Sounds events.

If you're interested in being a part of a future Sofar event, be sure to check out the "Get Involved" link on the website.  Sofar Sounds RDU is especially interested in finding hosts in Durham for upcoming events.  Check out the Sofar Sounds RDU website to experience music in a fresh new way.

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