Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Local Band Local Beer with North Elementary

North Elementary

While six days may not seem like a significant amount of time, it was just right for Carrboro based, North Elementary, to produce their newest album.  Honcho Poncho, the recently released album from North Elementary, seems to be a noticeable difference from their previous work.  As indicated in remarks from the leader of the band, John Harrison, "We were sorta like…we can do this…we put the work in...why not...lets make a finished album in six days.  It was a lot of fun and seemed natural for us at this point.

 That natural production Harrison refers to on this record also includes support from an additional songwriter.  Featured on tracks, Hi-Lo and Left Doubt, Sean Parker, another local artist from the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, joins Harrison and Betty Rupp to produce an energetic and more complete record from start to finish.  Head over to North Elementary's website to purchase the album and learn more about the band.  

Catch North Elementary playing this Thursday, August 28 at Tir Na Nog.   This is an installment of their weekly Local Band Local Beer free series presented by WKNC 88.1 and Younger Brother Productions.   Joining North Elementary will be Ocotpus Jones and Deep Ecology. 

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