Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rebekah Todd and the Odyssey at Local 506

Chapel Hill was filled with anxious anticipation on Saturday as basketball fans gathered in local restaurants and bars to cheer on the Tarheels as they battled against Duke.  Inside Local 506 was a much different vibe; one of relaxation, serenity, and soul.

Rebekah Todd and the Odyssey made sure the anxiety from the rest of the town did not carry over to their show.  This band consists of Seymour (bass), Quincy Jones (keys), Chris Knuckles (sax), Evan Roberson (trombone), and Brandon Shamar (drums).  The combination of jazzy blues mixed with the soulful croon of Rebekah Todd creates pure calm and ease among the crowd.

The band starts with songs from their new album, Roots Bury Deep.  This is a collection of 9 songs that fuse jazz with folk and powerful lyrics.  Todd is responsible for writing the songs that explore those dark moments in life illuminated with brightness and hope.

They move into some fun songs that everyone knows like Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel.  During this song, Chris gets his time to shine with an extended sax solo.  Other classics are shared like Aretha Franklin's Chain of Fools. Many artists would struggle to mimic Franklin's iconic voice, but for Todd, it comes naturally. Todd and the members of the Odyssey vibe off of each other and make it obvious that they enjoy being on stage as one.

The band goes on to share other tracks from their new album, On the Run, Devil's Gonna Buy, and Wandering Soul.  On the Run is that type of song that makes it hard to stand still due to upbeat rhythms and deliberate pronunciation and pauses.  The crowd is captivated by Todd's soul and charisma, hanging on to every lyric echoed through the venue.

Rebekah Todd and the Odyssey are definitely worth checking out.  They will be traveling around North Carolina and neighboring states throughout the next few months.  To see show dates and purchase the new album, visit their website.  To learn more about how Rebekah Todd got started and connected with the Odyssey, check out this previous post from The Triangle Beat.

Watch the group perform Roots Bury Deep:

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