Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Six Shots Later Play The Maywood

Everyone has had those nights of too many drinks, big laughs with friends, and questionable judgement.  Six Shots Later takes these nights and turns them into fun songs that make a perfect soundtrack to even more crazy memories.

This party band was created in 2007 in Great Falls, Montana by Andrew Phelps (vocals/guitar) and Chris Fields (bass).  In 2010, they decided to make a move to North Carolina for a more lively music scene.  With the addition of Adam and Jordan, the band is now complete.

The group has released a new EP of six songs that are reminiscent of 90's pop punk rock like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime.  These songs are upbeat and light hearted and create a perfect backdrop for an enjoyable time with friends. Summer is an energetic tune that allows the listener to fall back into the younger years, to feel the warmth of the sun and grasp that carefree feeling that only summer can provide.  Looking Good Tonight follows that classic scenario of guy meets girl and he simply can't get enough of her, all to the tune of a punk guitar and danceable beats.

If you enjoy music that is fun, high-energy, and great for a party, try out Six Shots Later on Soundcloud. They are also currently touring and will be performing at The Maywood on Friday, March 28 with Annandale Heights and The Water Between.  Doors open at 9 and the cost is $5.

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