Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Smooth Hound Smith Makes Raleigh Debut

We all have guilty pleasures, possibly chocolate, romance novels, or fast food. Personally, I'm guilty of loving mindless, pointless reality TV.  As I lazily sat and absorbed an intense love triangle explosion on MTV's Real World, the most beautiful music traveled to my ears. It was a lovely male and female harmony supported by the soft strum of the guitar. Thankfully, even though MTV rarely plays music videos these days, they do post the song titles and artists featured on each show.  This is when I discovered my latest musical obsession, Smooth Hound Smith.

Caitlin Doyle and Zack Smith met in LA and established Smooth Hound Smith in 2012.  After releasing their self-titled debut album in 2013, they've since settled in Nashville, but have spent nearly seven months of the last two years touring.  Zack started out as a one man band, but he quickly realized how much Caitlin added to the music, "She has such a rare and valuable skill set; she conceptualized a great deal of the harmonies, and we did the arrangements together."

Smooth Hound Smith is one of those bands that's difficult to describe due to their wide array of sounds.  The softer songs such as "Crazy Over You" and "California Sway" carry a  romantic rhythm supported by the gentle picking of the guitar matched with lyric-driven harmonies.  In the more bluesy-rock songs, "30 Days" and "Blue Dress", the foot percussion, harmonica, and grungy guitar induce instant foot stomping. 

The Triangle Beat is pleased to introduce Smooth Hound Smith to Raleigh this Friday at Deep South.  A  night of Americana-Folk is planned with Rob Nance and The Midatlantic also performing.  Join us for our first official show presentation and memorable night of music with friends for a mere $7.  The doors open at 7 and the fun begins at 9.

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