Friday, September 4, 2015

Mipso's Album Release Shows at Cat's Cradle

In honor of their latest album, Old Time Reverie, Mipso will be blessing fans with two great nights of new music.  The first opportunity to hear the latest album and the classic faves will be tonight, for a seated show at Cat's Cradle

Old Time Reverie maintains those classic Appalachian acoustic sounds and southern tradition while meshing with new charming melodies.  The stand-out song is "Down in the Water." Fiddler, Libby Rodenbough, lends her hypnotic and mesmerizing voice to this track.  It leaves the listener hoping that her vocals will be utilized more in the future. 

The more upbeat, "Bad Penny" tells a story of how Abraham Lincoln observes Manhattan through the narrator's experiences, while tragedy strikes with "Captain's Daughter," a story that shares the tale of love lost and longing. 

Mipso holds the ability to make the listener feel the stories that are being told in their songs, supported by the captivating sounds of strings and melodies.  Old Time Reverie isn't officially on sale until October 2, but it can be pre-ordered now from their website.  The seated show at Cat's Cradle tonight is already sold out, but seats are still available for the September 5 standing-room show starting at 9. 

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