Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cherub, Mike Floss and Gibbz Takeover Ritz Raleigh

There's a stellar lineup at the Ritz Raleigh tonight that headlines 80's inspired synth pop and funk duo, Cherub.  The pair have previously made their way through Raleigh and have notably performed at Lollapalooza, South by Southwest, and Bonnaroo.  They also impressively appear on the lineup for the Euphoria Music Festival and Shaky Beats, two of the hottest electronic festivals of 2016.  

Tonight, Cherub is adequately supported by Nashville's Mike Floss and Gibbz. Gibbz, known in the real world as Mike Gibney, entered the music scene as an audio engineer until he realized that was a "thankless, miserable existence." In this case, misery led to him working with Gramatik who in part helped him enter the next phase of his music career stating, "They convinced me that it's OK to drink copious amounts of alcohol and make everyone within a 30 ft radius uncomfortable. Out of this drunken, obnoxious, offensive mess of a man, GIBBZ was born." 

Now, Gibbz is a part of Gramatik's label, Lowtemp. The description of Gibbz on Lowtemp's website reads, "Gluttonous jerk with a thirst for attention."  Obviously, these guys don't take themselves too seriously and know how to enjoy what they do.  This personality comes across on stage and is clear in Gibbz's debut EP, Who Gibbz a F#@$ and his most recent EP, Chardonnay.  

Join us tonight at the Ritz Raleigh to see the many talents of Gibbz - singer, producer, and entertainer extraordinaire.  Cherub and Mike Floss are sure to keep the party going well into the night, or as long as Raleigh's sound ordinance will allow it.  This is one of those shows where you won't want to miss the support, so get there early.  The party starts at 8 and tickets are $23. 

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