Friday, February 7, 2014

Saint Rich to Play King's Barcade

Saint Rich's debut album, Beyond the Drone carries a sense of nostalgia and reflection with smooth guitar sounds and varying melodies.  The lyrics possess thought and meaning with pure purpose behind them.  This is the type of album that continues to surprise and offer hidden details each time it's heard. 

This side project from Delicate Steve band mates, Steven Marion and Christian Peslak, comes from ten years of playing together Due to the pair's synergy, Beyond the Drone was created with ease and confidence over a rainy weekend in New Jersey. The two met in high school and have been developing their musical genius ever since. 

Saint Rich has hit the road and is touring through March.  They will make a stop at King's Barcade in Raleigh on Monday, February 17.  This Merge Records band is definitely worth a listen, not only live, but with  Beyond the Drone on a continuous loop.   Get your tickets by visiting King'sBarcade.  The doors open at 8 and the show starts at 8:30 with Wool and Matt Northrup. 

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