Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Saints Apollo Show

Saints Apollo Play the Pour House

Autumn, Jonathan, and Kaitlin
     The Pour House was alive on Saturday, January 11,  with the sweet melodies of Saints Apollo.  Since the band developed in 2011, they have played all over the Triangle, including the noteworthy Hopscotch Festival.  Saints Apollo mixes indie and folk sounds with the angelic harmonies of Jonathan Koo, violinist Autumn Brand,  cello player Kaitlin Grady, drummer Andrew Fetch, and Rachel Broadbent on the keys.
     During a Saints Apollo show,  one can expect to experience an array of emotions.  Upbeat songs like Hashin it Out and Ain't Lyin' are sure to induce dancing, while more serious tunes such as This Lie and Warning Signs discuss relationship woes that most people can relate to.  The variety provided ensures that every soul will be able to connect with this raw local talent.
     Regardless of your flavor of music, Saints Apollo is a talented and passionate act worth your time.  Check out their first full album, We are Ghosts, and keep track of upcoming shows by visiting http://saintsapollo.wix.com/saintsapollo.

Autumn and Rachel

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